A student is eligible to receive Switcher Tax Credit Award if “The student attended a public school in Arizona as a full-time student (K-12) for at least 90 days or one full semester of the prior fiscal year prior to transferring to a qualified private school in Arizona.

Parent/Guardian:  This form verifies that your student attended a public school in the school year prior to attending the private school. This information must be completed by a public school representative, not the parent/ guardian.  If your student attended more than one public school in the year prior to attending the private school, please submit multiple forms to PSTF123 from each public school. It is your responsibility to coordinate the completion and submission of this form to PSTF123. You must also submit an PSTF123 Application for the named student, please apply online at www.PSTF123.org.

Public School: Please provide the public school name, district, the student’s start and end dates of the prior and current school year’s attendance for these academic years (if applicable). All dates must specify the month, day and year.