PSTF123: Our Mission


At PSTF123, our mission is to help Arizona families offset their children’s Private School Tuition cost through Arizona’s unique Tax Credit law.  Currently PSTF123’s window of time to receive your corporate form is until June 30th for selected companies and business owners to participate and take advantage of the AZ Corporate Tax Credit and receive Dollar-For- Dollar credit towards their tax liabilities, claim it on their Federal taxes as a donation to PSTF123 a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, recommending the school of their choice as a recipient of their corporate tax dollars. This provides scholarships to qualified students attending qualified private schools in Arizona. If you or someone you know owns a C-Corp, S-Corp, an LLC that files tax as an S-Corp or insurance company which pay tax on the premium, please contact us so your tax dollars can empower families financially through Corporate scholarships. To learn more click here.
Time sensitive: The annual state-wide cap for Fiscal Year 2017/18 is $74,300,838 that opens up on July 3, 2017. It is allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. (Last year the cap was reached within 15 minutes!)

Tiffany:  602.466.8503  

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