Withholding Tax FAQ

All students can be recommended by donors for the Individual Original Tax Credit. PSTF123 awards a minimum of 90% in scholarships, monthly.

We believe every child in Arizona deserves the opportunity to be at the private school of their choice where they can reach their full potential.

How to, Step-by-Step:

Contribute Your State Income Tax Without Affecting Your Take Home Pay check!

Arizona’s withholding tax reduction law (A.R.S. 43-401) allows individuals to authorize their employer to send their state withholding tax amount to PSTF123, this is considered a Dollar-ForDollar tax credit donation! It will be the same as if you made your tax credit donation in one lump sum, this enables you to donate smaller amounts throughout the year, without affecting your take-home income.

You can donate to pstf123 through your Arizona state tax withholdings with a simple process.

1. Check with your employer to see if they are willing to provide this benefit.

2. Fill out a withholding income tax pledge form and mail or email it to PSTF123.

3. PSTF123 will return an Authorization Form within one business week. Review the form and fill any related information. Sign and give pages three and four to your employer.

4. Your employer, if they agree to participate, will reduce your state tax withholdings per pay period and will send that amount to PSTF123 on your behalf (rather sending it to the state).

Once it is set up, donations are automatic for the rest of the year, and will automatically stop once your donation limit is reached (a limit you indicate on our pledge form). For detail please refer to A.R.S. 43-401G on www.AZDOR.GOV

Private School Tuition Fund 123 (PSTF123) is a tax-exempt charitable organization pursuant to federal law, Section 501 (C)(3). Federal I.D. Number 81-5435928

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